Journey From Lion Member to Lion Club Secretary(1987-1988)- a small initiative for Educating the society.

mira road resize

As i remember, it was the year of 1997-1998 and i was still working as member of Lions Club and that was mesmerizing event which we had organized. Although i had participated in various events which they had organized in the past but this one is close to my heart. That’s why i thought of sharing those memorable experience with everyone. In the same year, i visited one of my relative in Mira road due to some personal work and then somehow i came across to this school.The school had just left and kids were hanging around discussing about their exam papers.  Looking at their condition and dedication for study, I thought of doing something that could benefit them and encourage them  to study.

I discussed with my peers in Lions and asked if could do something for them. Finally after hard work for months I could get few things approved from the long list. I was very excited of the execution part, as the idea was to show kids  the world which they would otherwise miss out.  Even the children at adivasi schools dream of becoming doctors, engineers etc but once they confront the unchanging realities of life, they drop the dream and move on. We wanted them to know what avenues are available for them.  The disparity in education that rich and poor children get is the root cause of the wide gap between them, and these only increases as they grow up.

The event was organized on 26th January, I along with my 15 members- Ln JNS Murthy, Ln Knaubhai Desai, Govind Gandhi, V M Rawal , Shirish and others organized the event. Our agenda was to help these children with study materials – i e books, pencils etc. One of our lion’s members Mr. Ratan Sagar was of a great help to us during the event. He provided the kids with Lions pencil. Along with the basic needs, I wanted the kids to have a proper environment for study, as the school was in a very shabby state we got it repaired and made sure that it could be maintained for next few decades. One more important aspect I wanted the kids to learn was basic hygiene we as well educated and responsible person of the society teach our kids about it but these financially deprived children do get the opportunity, as the toilets of the school were really in a bad state. So we got the toilet blocks removed and made sure that the proper sanitation is been provided to school kids. During this event I got a chance to interact with few kids and there i got to know that these children are not only talented but also have undying thirst for knowledge. I wanted, these kids should choose a career path based on their aspiration and potential rather than as per their financial statistics. Following this, there were many more events that came and in the year of 1988-89, I became the Secretary of the Lions Club(Dahisar).
I hope this initiative of mine will help others to take such small and much required steps for the betterment of our society.


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